Monday, February 20, 2012

I made bread!

I was a little worried this morning when my bread hadn't risen.  But I stayed the course!!
Looks good, right?!
Nice and crusty outside, soft chewy inside!
It was even better with some butter and jam ;)

I was so excited this turned out!  Best part - only 3 ingredients!!
You can find the recipe here

And can't have a post with out pics of Max and Claire.  Sadly, we didn't take them in the snow yesterday when there was two of us.... so I attempted to take them both out this morning.

Yes, we had ghetto snow shoes on!!  I wrapped plastic bags around their feet!  We were only out there long enough to get a few pictures.  I think they are going to love to actually play in it one day.... It's a little hard to take them both out by myself when we don't have the proper clothing and one not walking and the other not walking all the time.  this was the best I could do today!

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  1. If I remember correctly, you're in NC. In NC, nobody owns real snow boots! It would be a waste.

    Glad you got to see some snow. It was mushy slush in Raleigh.