Thursday, March 15, 2012

Green play date!

Today was our turn for play group.  Since St. Patty's day is Saturday, we made it a "green" theme.  I made cupcakes and made the icing green and put some pretty green sprinkles on them!  And, thanks to Pinterest, I put them in plastic cups to keep them from tipping over!

Instead of meeting at our house, we met at a nearby park.  This park is perfect for all ages.  It has four baby swings and a toddler play area - along with an old basketball court with a bunch of old cars and push toys.  Perfect for our age group!

look at that diaper booty!!

Even baby SOS made an appearance!

The weather was a little iffy and about 45 minutes in, it started to thunder.  Everyone packed up and headed home.  Justin is out of town for the weekend :(.  thankfully, Max and Claire entertained themselves while I made their dinner.
Their new favorite thing to do is climb in their chairs.  It's so cute!

On a random note... have you seen the new mini sandwich thins?  They are the perfect size!  I made a mini egg sandwich for breakfast...hit the spot!!
can't really tell how mini it is, but it's the perfect size!
it is only 50 calories!

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