Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I need help.  My babies are almost 14 months old and still have two bottles a day.  I have been on a search for the perfect sippy cup.  It needs to be able to hold 8 oz.  Max has done ok when we've tried cup over bottle, but Claire is not having it.  I went to Target today to buy ANOTHER sippy.  Max drank out of it fine.  Tonight I tried two sippys before giving in and giving her a bottle.  She drinks water out of all of them.  Suggestions PLEASE!!

On another note....we had another beautiful day!   We all need some new clothes!  I think I have one pair of shorts that fit.  Max and Claire both need new shoes and some shorts.  While at Target, I found some cute little itty bitty crocs!  I got some pink ones for Claire, and blue for Max.  They are adorbs!  Claire loves them.  She keeps saying "shoes" and trying to put them on her feet.  Justin took a sideways picture of her.
Ok, so not my best picture... will get some tomorrow.  We are having a "green" play group tomorrow!!


  1. Kelly we use the born free transition cup. It still has a nipple and valve so it's very bottle-like. It only holds 7oz though. There's also a born free toddler cup but I haven't tried that one. Good luck!

  2. Thanks! I guess it doesn't have to be 8 oz.. I was thinking that bc that is what I've made their bottles since she would only drink milk twice a day.. but if she found a sippy she liked, maybe she would drink the milk 3x a day. Just worried about getting her ounces in.

  3. We did the Nuby ones for Will because it's silicone like a bottle. I thought it was easier to transition.

    Good luck! I've been lucky to have boys like Max- they don't care where it comes from!

  4. My neighbor uses the born free training cup. He is 2.5 and still uses it. Its very bottle like so I was thinking about switching to that when i'm done breastfeeding.

  5. My daughter switched right over to a sippy no problem but my son was hard. He would drink water just fine but he'd toss it if it had milk in it. I just always had a sippy cup on his tray whenever he ate and eventually he learned to drink it. He also had the same sippys filled with water during snack time and through the day. Technically at 14mos they only need 16-24oz of dairy so thats cheese, yogurt, and milk. I wouldn't stress over 8oz of milk. It seems kind of heavy for them to tip up and drink. You could also try straw cups...

    1. Tried straw! I think I read somewhere that you could try putting water in the bottle so they will be less interested? Might try that this weekend!