Friday, March 30, 2012

Moms of Multiples

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner.  The Show us Your Life today is a link up for Moms of Multiples.  I have been looking forward to this and hoping to have a great post... but the past few days have been crazy, and well, no post was written :)

I am an extremely blessed Mom to 14 mo B/G twins.  Max and Claire were born on Jan. 22, 2011 at 36w6d.  Besides 10 weeks on bed rest (4 at home and 6 in hospital) I had a great pregnancy.
They keep us very busy, but we are loving every second of it!  Claire has been walking for two months, and Max is taking a few steps here and there.  We love watching them grow and so proud of who they are becoming!!

First Birthday Party!
HUGE fan of cake :)


  1. Found you through Kelly. I have boy/girl twins who are 7...time just flies by...have fun!! :)

  2. Thanks for posting the link for Kelly's blog!! I added myself and look forward to finding new blogs to read.

  3. Stopping by SUYL! Adorable kids! I'm momma to 2 & half yo twin girls!

  4. That last photo...melt.

    And TEN WEEKS of bedrest? Go you. You're now officially my hero.

    xoxo - and you know I NEVER get enough of those beautiful faces...

  5. I didn't know (or I did but forgot ...) your precious babes and I share a birthday! Love those cutie-pies!

  6. They are so the last photo. I have b/g twins that are 5 months old and I love when they are so sweet to each other. Cant wait for the fun moments your photos have in them. Nice to meet you and look forward to peeking in your lifes

  7. That last picture is so sweet! Just popping over from another blog to say hi. You've got beautiful children!