Monday, April 16, 2012

Fun in the water!

We had a fun and busy Monday!  We started our day very early (a little before 6), took a good nap and headed to the Children's Museum!  They have so much fun having free play.  Today they spent most of their time at the Lego table.
sitting in the big chair at the museum!
After a nice, long afternoon nap (and mom reading out in the sun) we pulled out our water table and splished and splashed!
probably one of my favorite pictures!
Buds loved drinking the water, pouring it down his outfit, and dunking his head!

Speaking of Buds... we need to get him a new hat.  His hat like this is too small and his other one (more for the pool) he threw overboard on a run this past weekend is long gone.  I like to keep a hat on him since his is so fair and not too much hair.  I also need to get him a new pair of shoes.  We just got him a pair recently, but I don't think he likes them... or maybe they are not comfortable.  

I  uploaded a video to you tube but I can't find it! This happens almost every time I send a video there.  I'll have to share another time.  Just some extra cuteness!  Any thoughts on Vimeo?

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