Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two walkers!

Max Man is almost a full time walker!  I think he will be 100% walking by 15 months!  He can walk down the hall, but most of the time keeps both hands on the wall.  It's so cute and scary how things are going to change in just a few short days/weeks!

He has really blossomed this week.  He has turned into wild child.  Talking and happy all the time and into everything!  His energy level is through the roof.  Sometimes he doesn't realize his own strength.  He has been hitting some and I'm not sure how stop him.  He knows what he is doing is wrong.  I tell him "no hitting" and he just smiles and does it again...
He is starting to give good hugs though!
This week they have both started saying "ut oh". It is the cutest!

In other news....
We finally got a Whole Foods Market!  Today was the Grand Opening.  I went at 8pm and it was still packed!  I got a few great deals, but will have to go back another time when it isn't so crazy!

I finished the first Hunger Games book!  It was so good!! Just a few pages in on the second and can't wait to dive in!

So ready for the weekend!!

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  1. Jack doesn't realize his strength either!! I dont know how to teach him to stop hitting. It I am carrying him and he hits I just put him down and walk away. You should see the look he gives me. :) Also I am on book 3 I am addicted!!! It is so good!!!