Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Max 15 Months!

My Boy is getting so BIG!!  He is now a full time walker!! (as of 4/22 - 15 months)  It's so cute to see him walk.. he walks sideways!  He walks around with a big smile on his face.  He is so proud.  Claire better watch out bc he will get his speed soon and be able to catch her ;)

He is so curious and into EVERYTHING!  Recently his favorite thing to do is climb.  He loves to sit in chairs and has learned how to climb up.  He is a funny boy.  He loves to carry things around (reminds me of a retriever! ha!)  If I'm doing laundry, he takes a shirt and drapes it around his neck and walks around! Or puts it on his walker and pushes it around the house!  It's so funny.

Max loves music.  As soon as the music starts, he begins to dance.  School says he is so fun to watch in music class!  He also loves to play outside, play with his water table and go for walks and play on the play ground at the park.

He loves food! and his milk!  He usually drinks his milk and finishes Claire's!  Favorite foods: mac and cheese, grilled cheese, boca burger and boca chicken, broccoli with pears, yogurt, eggs and avocado. oh. and gold fish/Annie's honey bunnies.

He can be so sweet, but recently has been heavy handed.  He gets excited and will hit...and it hurts.  Poor Claire keeps getting hit in the head.  I am trying to find the best way to discipline him - so far what I've done isn't working.
Sleep has gotten much better (except for today!)  Typical day: wake 6:20, two naps, and bed at 7:15

He talks all the time and has the cutest voice! The words I can understand are: Dog, Dada, Mommy, Ball, Shoes, No, Keys, Bubble and I'm sure a few more that I am not remembering.
He can sign: Please, Thank you, Bird, Ball, Food, All Done, Milk, and More.

Diapers: 4/5
Clothes: some 12/18, moving into 18/24 mo
Shoes: 5.5 Xwide
 Need to count his teeth, but I think 14

It's crazy how much they change in a month!  We have our 15 month appointment Thursday.  Look forward to see their percentages!


  1. They really do change so much each month! Fwiw we are on a similar schedule of waking around 630, two naps (still!) and bed at 7.

  2. How can you discipline a face like that?? :) Don't worry, I had a brother who conked me in the head all the time and I turned out just fine :)

    And what is it with the girl twin learning to walk so much faster? I know you follow Niki's blog, but her little lady walked well before her brother. Maybe women are just advanced from the get go :)

    Love to you and that gorgeous little boy!

  3. Haha, that last picture probably describes your world perfectly! Two busy babies always on the move. Chloe loves to dance to music too, it's so cute!