Sunday, May 27, 2012

Claire 16 Months

Baby girl isn't so baby any more!  Claire is a mover and a shaker.  She LOVES to dance.  Anytime she hears a beat, she starts dancing!  She has really surprised me the past couple of weeks.  It's amazing what, and how quick they learn new things.  She also loves when we get excited and praise her for the new things she learns.
Claire follows directions really well.  I'll be in the kitchen and ask her to please go get her snack cup out of the playroom and she brings it right back!  Her vocabulary grows every day.  As of right now, I can clearly understand: mommy, daddy, doggie, shoes, ma (for Max), ball, bird, baby, flower, duck, bubble, uh oh, keys, water, hi, bye, all done, fish, yucky! Brit Brit (one of our babysitters) and many words that I understand, but are not clear.... like thank you, snack....*can't believe I left out animal sounds!  She knows moo, ruff, roar, and quack! and I just started signing "I love you" and she has picked up!! That has to be my favorite!  she points one of her fingers and sounds like she says love you!! MELTS my heart!
She signs: please, all done, more, food, bird, ball, fish, baby, milk, flower, water, car, and sometimes she signs thank you.

She is a bottomless pit when it comes to food.  Her new favorite is watermelon.  She likes it in big chunks so she can hold it.
We have been doing a lot of playing outside.  We let them play with the hose this weekend  - they loved it...almost as much as being pulled around in their little red wagon!
She seems so much more independent.  She waves Hi and Bye and says it in the cutest, southern accent! Now when I drop them off at the gym, she just waves and tells my "bye"! no tears!

*also had to come back to add another favorite she does is if she wakes up before Max, I go get her out of her crib and she puts her finger over her mouth and says "shh"! then when we hear him start to wake up, she runs back to his crib, giggles and says "hi".  I die!  Love it!
Size 4 diaper
12-18 mo clothes and a few 18-24 mo

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