Monday, May 28, 2012

Max 16 Months

BUDS! Look at those molars!  It seems a new tooth pops up every week!  and that smile :) Melts my heart.  Although recently he has been a bit whiny and that's not so cute.  He has had a double ear infection and a yucky virus.  He has started throwing a fit if something doesn't go his way or if you take something away from him....
Just like his sister, he loves to dance and move around.  Now that he is full time walker (as of last month) he is fast and ALL over the place.  He still likes to climb.  In fact, this morning I turned for a second and he climbed up on the ottoman and onto a side table! Oh my!
Besides this weekend, they have been sleeping much better.  The past few weeks they slept til at least 6:20 every day! Baby steps ;)  They are still taking (and need) two naps a day.  Last wednesday was their last day of Mother's Morning Out so we are keeping our eyes open to some fun things to do this summer!
He loves to play in his water table so today we went to get a little plastic pool for the yard.  And hopefully the weather will cooperate this week so we can go to the pool.  I can't wait to see how much they love the baby pool.
Buds is a pretty good eater.  He is still pretty picky, especially with veggies.  I still make a broccoli/pear puree and buy the Plum Organics or Happy Tot Veggie pouches.  He loves those!  I'd have to say avocado is his favorite.
He "talks" a lot - but not as much as his sister.  He can say:  ball, Mommy (he usually adds "uh" in front of mommy!), dada, dog, shoes, no keys, bubble, uh oh, yes, hi, bye, and his teachers said it sounded like he was saying "care" for Claire...but I haven't heard it.  He signs: ball, bird, food, more, please, thank you, all done, milk and car.

Some of my favorite things:  He is a great cuddler when he's tired.  When we are in the car I reach my hand back and he holds my hand and puts it on his face - so sweet! And if he happens to wake up before Claire, when she wakes up we run back to their room and he goes to her crib to say hi! Love it when they are sweet to each other ;)

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