Thursday, May 17, 2012


Part of the joy with having twins is double the sickness.  Saturday, we took Max to the doctor -he had double ear infection.  He has still been feeling bad and running a low grade temp.  Claire woke up this morning with a 100.6 temp... a little high for the morning.  We decided it was best to make an appt for both to see what was going on.  Turns out Max's ears are still red and he also has Coxackie virus.  It is contagious so Claire will probably have it in a few days.  After checking out the Max Man, Dr checked Claire and she too has a double ear infection. Yay!
It's not easy when they are both sick, because they both want extra attention and both want to be held without the other in my lap.  Hopefully they will feel better quick so we can all enjoy our weekend together!


  1. Oh no!!! Germs go away!!! I hope they feel better ASAP!!!!

  2. Oh that sounds awful. Poor little ones. I hope they get to feeling better and you aren't too worn out dealing with two sick kiddos. Bring on the snuggles!

  3. Bless thier hearts!! I hope they are both feeling better!!