Saturday, June 2, 2012

Much more fun!

Thursday I took Max and Claire to our friend's pool. We used to be a member here years ago. This baby pool has a zero entry, so they can walk right in- and on their own terms! There were also a bunch of toys for them to play with.

I think this pool is a little more shallow than ours.
They had the best time! I think we were there for 1.5hrs - quite a bit longer than our 15 min at our pool! It helps that most of our friends go there :)

I wish I could cancel our current membership and join here. This club has tennis too! That's what I get for being cheap! Always next year!

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  1. I think you are amazing for bringing them to pools on your own! You rock mamma.

  2. I think those zero depth pools or whatever they are are great for little kiddos. I wish I had more time to take Chloe this summer. Looks like they had a lot off un!

  3. we love HL! (I'm pretty sure that's where those pics are from!) So much easier for my little guy to get around and teh older one can still have fun. Hope to see you there!

  4. You do rock for taking both of them by yourself, but you should definitely consider HL! You guys would know a ton of people who will always help grab a baby when you need an extra set of hands!