Friday, July 27, 2012

Half Way

I just can't believe it (obvs. bc I am five days late).  Max and Claire are already half way to two!
Can it be that the last few months have been the most fun, yet the hardest?  They are so independent now and have an opinion about everything.  They  love to voice their opinions by saying "no" 10000x a day.  They smile, dance, jump, hug, kiss, run, stretch tall and touch their toes!  They also hit, throw tantrums, push and climb on any and everything possible.  Some of their favorite activities include: going to the Children's Museum, going to the park, going on stroller rides, playing with their water table/baby pool, going to the pool, and dancing.
They don't watch a lot of tv, but when they do, they love "choo choos".  Really they don't watch shows, I just have to rewind the opening song five times!  Their favorite song is Chugginton, followed by Thomas the Train.  And they still like watching a few of their Baby Einstein videos.
They know a lot of their body parts and love to sing "head, shoulders, knees and toes".  Claire is obsessed with belly buttons.  Their vocabulary expands every day.  Claire is learning to say "sorry" and "excuse me".  Max is still a few words behind Claire, but understands and tries to say the same things.  He tries so hard to say "milk" and it is the cutest.  He does this funny thing with his tongue when he says it!  They recognize a few of their friends, cousins and Nanny and Poppy (my mom and dad).  We are getting ready to spend a week with Justin's parents and I'm sure they will have their names down pat by the time we leave! We have been practicing!
Claire was rubbing his head.  They both have started to get a summer cold :(
They have become a little more picky with food....which is super annoying bc I hate wasting food! Not to mention half of it ends up on the floor (that's a whole different story).  Their favorites are eggs, nanas, grapes, blueberries, avocado, morning star chicken nuggets and pureed broccoli (that's the only way they will eat it). They would snack all day.  They go around the house saying "nack" "nack" "nack" or "bite" "bite" "bite" until you give them something.  They eat with a fork most meals...still working on the spoon!
Bear Bear is full of attitude.  Justin says she gets it from me, but I would say not!.....She is still a great helper.  She has started on the tantrum train and that is no fun.  I still have not read "The Happiest Toddler on the Block"... I blame it on 50 shades!  She has also started hitting, although I have only noticed her hitting family, not our friends - maybe she doesn't like us?!  She is starting to be a daddy's girl! It's so cute!
clothes: 18 months
diapers: size 4
shoes: size 4.5/5
They have their 18 mo well child on Tues so I will update more then

Buds with his paci and bunny.  They both love their pacis and bunnies.  I usually make them keep bunny in their cribs, but lately they insist on bringing them out.
Buds is huge!!  I can't wait to see his percentiles.  I get asked all the time what their age difference is.  I think his is almost three inches taller and a good five pounds heavier.  He has huge feet.  In fact, the only shoes he has at the moment are flip flops and crocs.  He grew out of his new toms in 3 weeks :(  We did go get fitted and ordered a pair of new balance sneakers.  They will be in on Thursday.  He is still a Mama's boy.  He is so funny.  As I posted earlier, he likes to wear things on his head!  Cracks us up every time.  He is also a sweet heart.  My favorite is when he says thank you.  He does it often without us prompting him, signs it and says it in his sweetest voice.  He(they) still wave to everyone that passes, saying "hiiiiii" and "byeeeeee".

Clothes: 18-24 all the way to 2T 
diapers: 5
shoes: 7 extra wide

Our babies bring us so much happiness and joy!


  1. I love reading about what they are up to, and how different yet similar they are. I can only imagine how cute it is to hear them talk.

  2. They are just so stinkin' cute!! I love seeing them grow and their personalities coming out in your pics. So sweet!

  3. I love the progression of pictures!

    Hang on...the ride speeds up and it only gets better!!