Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big and Bigger

Max and Claire had their 18th month well baby today.  I was looking forward to this appointment for many reasons, the major one was to discuss behavior.  The past few weeks have worn me out, so much I was wondering if you could have 18th month  postpartum.  Not really, but these last few weeks have not been the most fun.  When they were younger, I controlled everything.... sleep schedule, food, etc.. Now all I hear is "NO" 10000 times a day, throwing food, cups, toys, hitting, pushing, crying while holding my legs and the ever famous tantrums.  She assured me that was normal and I was ok for feeling the way I did and that it is very hard esp when you have 2 doing those things at one time... or spread throughout the day.
She suggested time out in the pack n play for one minute for misbehaving and to just ignore when they had tantrums.  Sounds easy right?  I try to ignore Max but after a minute of blood curling screams, I give in... a minute seems like 30.

On to the fun things...
they are doing great :)
Max:  30 lbs 1.5 oz 95%
          34 inches 92%

Claire:  24lbs 7oz 75%
            32 1/4 inches 75%

And if I can stay awake long enough tonight, I will blog about our "baller" status... flying (thanks to inlaws) to Philly Saturday and returning home Sunday (thanks to my mom for watching the kiddos)


  1. Hang in there, Kelly. My days are similar and I also mentioned behavior at our 18 month appointment. You are not alone! Toddlers are tough.

    Time outs have no effect on my girls. I get a lot further by giving time ins and extra attention. Like if I'm trying to do something and they are whining or hitting each other or something, I stop what im doing and reengage them for a few minutes then go back to what I'm doing. Alexa is the more misbehaving, aggressive one and she

  2. (Technical issues)

    She thrives On extra cuddles and attention.