Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th of July!
This morning we met up with friends for our city parade.  I was so excited to take Max and Claire to their first parade.  I just knew they were going to love all the floats, trucks, sounds, people watching, animals, etc....
the beginning
....But I was mistaken... the parade was very lame.  I hate to say that, but I was embarrassed for our city.  I think there was only one float, one band, a few trucks(read: three or four), a donkey and a two or three dogs, not to mention just plain ole cars and a lot of political supporters.... BORING!  I was expecting, lots of local high school or college bands, big and elaborate floats, loud music...
Max loved the tennis ball
My favorite was this random little dog being pulled in a wagon!
After the "parade" we walked around the festival.  They had bounce houses, food trucks everywhere and lots of local vendors.  It was HOT so we only lasted about 45 minutes.  they started to get pretty fussy so we let them each have a sucker.  Wow! They loved the suckers so much. Claire cried when Justin wouldn't give her another!

After lunch a a much needed nap, we played outside in the water table and baby pool then headed to the church where they go to MMO to play on the shaded playground.
It was a fun filled day followed by a 6:45 bed time!  

Now it's time to get our butt in gear and get ready for Justin's bday cookout on Friday!

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