Friday, August 24, 2012

19 Months....and two days!

So, what's new... I'm late again.  The babes are 19 big, sassy, fun, crazy, whiny, giggly, and tiring months old!
I feel like I just wrote about their 18 month post.  Time flies and it freaks me out that we are only five months away from being 2! 2?!  They are as busy as ever.  Music is still #1 on their favorite list.  They love when Justin puts his Iphone on the docking station to play his music, Claire bobs her head to music in the car and if the tv is on, they love the them songs to any show.  They will stop instantly and dance.  I love it! Claire has moves like her Aunt Darcy.
This past week they have painted three times - and it was actually successful - meaning no paint in the mouth!  They are also enjoying playing with sidewalk chalk.
 There are fun to watch.  One minute they are hugging each other and the next pushing.  If Claire doesn't see Max for a few minutes, she will look up to me and say "where Max?"  They don't like to be separated for long.  When we are at new places they stick close together.  If Claire is crying, Max will look around for her paci and bring it to her! (and vice versa)  If one wakes up before the other, they want to go to the other's crib to wake them up.
Sleep:  This past week has been great (I'm probably jinxing myself now)  They have been going down around 7:15 and sleeping til 6:45-7! We still take two naps - each usually lasting 1.5 hrs.  Tried taking one nap one day and they only napped 2 hrs and were cranky up to that point.  We will try again later..I'm in no rush to get rid of morning nap!
Food: Claire is a pretty good eater and will try everything I give her.  Max is very picky.  He turns away anything green or beans.  They usually end up on claire's tray or on the floor.  I can get them to each have a smoothie in the morning that is full of spinach and fruit.

This chubby cheek girl melts my heart.  She is so sweet, smart and hilarious.  She's my little helper.  Claire is very good at listening and following directions.  She is starting to mimic what we say... time to start watching what we say!  She has been putting two and three words together.  "where go?" "where Ma" "Mommy go" "thank you mommy" "love you mommy"  She has also added lots of new words to her vocab.  My favorite is when she says "happy" with a huge smile on her face. and my funny girl has learned about bugs.  I must have said something or she has seen me step on a bug.  When we are walking out the door, and they are patiently waiting for me to lock the door, she will see a bug and say "bug" or "b" and try to step on it.  It makes Max laugh hysterically!...which in turn eggs her on even more.  She loves to put on a show!
I love how she recognizes people - especially her Trevor!  Whenever we get in the car to go somewhere, she asks, "trevor?" So cute!

Shoes: size 5.5
Diaper: 4
Clothes: mostly 18-24, but can still wear some of her 12-18
Loves: dancing, music, animals, playing at children museum, shoes, choo choos,  and eating

Max, my sweet Mama's boy!  Buds can be the sweetest baby ever.  He gives the best hugs and loves to cuddle.  He has become more obsessed with his paci and his "bunny"  He wants it all the time.  They are supposed to leave it in their crib, but lately it has gone in public places more than I'd care to admit.  He has also hit terrible twos and it's awful.  He throws trantrums 3-4 times a day, sometimes more.  Full out kicking and screaming.  Sometimes I don't even know why.  I'm learning to ignore him, but it is very hard.
Max is huge!  He is probably 32 pounds and very hard to's especially hard to carry both of them.  He talks a lot, but is hard to understand.  He is still our little engineer.  Loves to mess with knobs, take things apart and put them back together...or just leave it a mess!
Shoes: 7.5 Extra wide or 8W
Diaper: 5
Clothes: 24 months or 2T
Loves: Mommy, dancing, music, trucks, trains, bubble bath, the children's museum and shoes

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