Thursday, August 23, 2012

Max and Claire are so lucky to have such great friends. Yesterday we met one of my friends and her son at The Natural Science Center. It has a mini zoo, petting zoo, great inside play area as well as dinosaurs and rock exhibits And next summer they will have an aquarium!

We were up close with a tiger - probably the closest I've ever been! Like - paw on glass window. Quite a show for the kids. They actual got a little scared. Then we saw the monkeys! They were definitely the favorite :) I must admit, I was getting excited when the monkey started walking around!!

Claire's reaction! This is her new face she does when she gets excited!! It cracks us up!

When I told Claire we were going to see a friend, she immediately said "Trevor?" this girl is smitten with her "Trevor". We don't see him yesterday, but we did meet up with him and some other friends at a local toy store for music. This was our first time going and already excited to go back. Nigel, the music guy, is very entertaining. Max and Claire were pretty shy at first. Then Claire went to sit on Trevor's moms lap so she could be with her buddy!!
After we left there, we hit up the juice shop - a local smoothie shop.

First time having their own smoothie!

With Claire's Trevor!

Group shot!

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  1. Sounds fun! Did y'all go to Toys & Co at Friendly? I've been wanting to take Macey!

  2. I just want to eat them both up in that picture drinking their smoothies together!! Oh my gosh, so freaking adorable! Glad you had a great time at the zoo too.