Monday, September 24, 2012

Bath toys... PSA

The other day I was reading a blog talking about bath toys and how to clean them - mainly talking about the ones that squirt water. I was disgusted when she started talking about the amount of mold in them.
Fast forward to tonight's bath time. As I was lifting my heavy toddler out of the tub and trying to wrangle the rubber frog out of his hand, I happened to see some black stuff fall out. I gagged, immediately knowing what it was, and rewashed him.
After putting them to bed, I went straight to the tub to throw away all toys that can hold water. Disgusting.

I'm not going to lie, there have been a few times when I just threw the toy back in the bucket without squeezing it out, but not bad enough(I thought) to have our toys look like this!
I will no longer buy those toys!

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  1. Hi Kelly! Came across your blog from and will be a new follower of yours. Why? Because we are so similar! We both have babies (I just have a single) born in Jan 2011, we both run and play tennis and are warmer-weather ladies at heart. Anyway, feel free to stop by sometime and say hi! Max and Claire are just dolls!!