Wednesday, September 26, 2012

20 Months

Well, it's here.... 20 months have passed, less than four months til they hit the big "2".  You can see by the above picture that they are full of personality.  Actually that is an understatement.... especially for Claire.  She is a mess!  I still want to say she is the easy kid, but that's not so true anymore.  Yes, she can listen, and follows directions most of the time, but man oh man... don't cross her! jk.  She's as happy as can be until you don't give her your keys or Iphone so she can play "Anya" aka Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Girlfriend loses it.  She is obsessed with the iphone.  We were face timing Grandma on her birthday, only you couldn't hear a word anyone said bc Claire was having a meltdown bc "Anya" was on the phone we were face timing with.
I'd like to say they are sleeping better, but that wouldn't be true.  We had a great week last week - sleeping past 6:30, even one day sleeping til 7:15 along with three hour naps....then this week happened.  The past two mornings they have woken up at 5:45 and only took one nap for less than two hours.  This Mommy is tired!
On a positive note, we have been having a great time singing and dancing.  They also love Baby Einstein videos and The Wiggles.  I fall asleep singing those songs!  They go around saying "mo mo please" (movie).  They giggle, dance and try to sing along.  It's the cutest.
Claire is a smart girl.  She has a great memory and her vocabulary is growing every day.  She has started putting together mini sentences.  "I got it" "where'd go" "C'mon Max" "Here, Mommy", "sorry Mommy", and my favorite thing she says is "excuse me".  She says is when she needs to get by, if she bumps into you, or if she burps/toots! makes me laugh every time.
She is still a great eater and is a bottomless pit.  She goes around saying "snack" "snack" "snack"... repeat 100x!
She has started throwing a few tantrums....mainly when getting in the car.  She has decided she wants to sit in Max's seat now and gets mad if she can't.  She has also started going stiff so I can get her in the seat.  It makes me so mad.  I have popped her leg twice this week, bc it lasted over 3-4 minutes.
She also has a love (and strong opinion) for shoes!  She has her favorites and likes to wear them first thing in the morning.  And if she sees socks, she wants to put those on too!  She has however, made up for all that in the mornings and at night.  She loves to cuddle, or sit in my lap when she has her milk.
She loves her Daddy and loves to play with him when he gets home from work.  Recently they have been playing in his truck (parked, with him in it).
Claire's favorites:  dancing, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, eating, jumping, shoes, choo choo, "counting" and her "abc"
-26 lbs
-size 6 shoe
-size 4 diaper
-18-24 month close with a few 2T

Max: AKA "Buds" "The Big Guy"  Max is huge!  at least that's what everyone says!  He is 32 pounds!   Full of Love!  Buds is the sweetest little boy.  When I pick them up at school, his teachers always say how sweet he he was to everyone.  That makes me so happy.  My favorite is when he smiles and says, "hey, Mommy!", sometimes saying it two or three times!  He also gives the best bear hugs, you know, the tight ones around your neck.  They are Justin's favorite :)  His tantrums have not gone away, but have gotten much better!  He just goes with the flow most of the time.
He tends to copy what his sister does and says.  He also loves to dance.  He has a cute dance he does with his hands behind his back and sways side to side!
Max's favorites: "boppy" (paci), music/dancing, The Wiggles and Chuggington, all things trucks! and choo choo, bubble baths
-size 8 shoe
-size 5 diaper, moving closer to a 6
-2T clothes


  1. They are adorable! The pics are too cute. I love to read what they are up to because they are so similar to my girlies:)

  2. wow you don't have your hands full or anything! ;) such sweetie pies!

  3. Can they be any sweeter together?! It does sound like these two are keeping you quite busy these days. I can't wait for Chloe to start saying more words.

  4. Oh my GOSH! 32 pounds! Dang.... Drew is only around 28 or so. Max IS a big boy! Fun update on them!