Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Haircuts!

Today was a big day in the Fredrick house!  Max and Claire got their curls cut.  There were no tears from Mommy!  Although, I am a bit sad about Max's lone curl.  He always twirled it when he was sleepy - seriously, the cutest thing ever!
Before Pictures
 Max one curl!
Claire's crazy curls!

Twin love!

Max went first and did great!  He had his sucker and sat still the whole time. I was so proud of him!

bye bye curl!
So grown up! It looks a little crooked, but it's not!
 Claire did not want to wear the "cape" and the sucker didn't help... enter the phone!

My big girl!

 cute little bob!  After baths tonight, I dried it.  It looked so cute!

for the books!

All smiles after our first cut!

I swear they look like big kids now.  That makes me sad!  Happy to say both kids seem to be feeling back to normal!  Today is one of the best days we've had in a while.....except the 5:50 wake up.  They took two naps, and the second one lasted 2.5hrs!! This Mommy was happy!  Then we went to the park to swing and enjoy this beautiful fall like weather!  Back to school tomorrow :)

*for me to remember*
Claire is a shoe diva...I recently got her a cute pair of pink converse - that would be a perfect match to her dress - but she threw a fit when I tried to put them on her.  She kicked and said "off" and went to her closet to pick out a different pair!  She is very opinionated about her shoes.  This is the second or third time she has refused the pink converse :(


  1. Oh, Max's curl! It's especially cute getting all prepped and ready for the snip with the rubber band on it. They look adorable! What did she do to clean up Claire's hair? I'm debating on when to take Chloe for the first time; our issue is mainly just the hair over her ears that has no place to go b/c it's at an odd length.

  2. I love first haircut pics and stories! Adorable!