Monday, October 29, 2012

21 Months

Another week behind on our monthly updates.  Could it be bc they keep me busy chasing them all over the place?!
This photo shoot was probably the quickest and most uncooperative to date.

 21 months (and a week) old. That means in only three short months, you guys will be TWO! You both have kept me on my toes this past month.  Busy all the time.  Always getting into something, usually something you shouldn't be getting into.  Both of you are obsessed with remotes, phones and keys.  You have set our car alarms off too many times to count.
You love dancing and music.  Your Favorite is The Wiggles.  Claire calls it "WiWi".  You also love when we play music from our Iphone - especially, Naughty by Nature! ha!  You both have the cutest dances and will stop and dance the moment you hear a beat.

 Y'all love your time at school.  I love your teachers and the kids in your class.  I like that you get to play with kids outside your class as well.  Lots of interaction :)  I always get a good report from your teachers.  They talk about how sweet, funny and cute you are.  Even mention nice manners - makes a Mommy proud!
Buds - you are a HUGE Mommy's boy.  You don't like to be too far away.  You are the sweetest, most huggable little boy.  My favorite is when you say, "hi, Mommy".  Your vocabulary is getting better.  You mostly copy what Claire says.  Recently, you have been talking up a storm and in sentences... only I can't understand them!  You are very attached to your paci aka boppy.  and your bunny.  they sound the same. I have been debating when to take your paci away - don't worry, not before two!  You twirl your hair. a lot.  but mostly when you are sleepy.
You have a lot of teeth.  I think all of them.  I need to count.  You are a bit of a picky eater.  Veggies are very hard to get you to eat.  You LOVE fruit.  You would eat bananas and oranges all day if I let you.
You are obsessed with trucks.  When we are in the car, you point out all types of trucks.  Construction trucks are your favorite.  You also love movies aka "momo"or "mobie".  You ask for them in the car and at home.  By movies, I mean Baby Einstein or The Wiggles.  We watch the same ones 87 times in a row before we switch to another.
You are a big boy.  You are very tall and weigh 33 lbs!

Bear- my fearless child.  You are full of energy, spunk, personality, and sweetness.  You are a little mommy.  It's so cute to watch you go around following what I do.  You have recently started playing pretend.  You like to change your baby's diaper.
You love to do things yourself - whether its getting in your chair, throwing away trash, etc.  You are a pro at using the IPhone and IPad.  It's scary how good you are.  You know how to unlock, find your games and play them (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus and Trucks)  you also know how to play music, work the volume and take pictures!  Crazy!  Itsy Bitsy spider and Wheels are the Bus are two of your favorite songs.  You have also started liking, "you are my sunshine".  After Mommy and Daddy sing "A bushel and a peck", you say, "happy" and "one more".....meaning you want me to sing "you are my sunshine".  "one more" is another new saying.  You say "one more" when you want more food,   if you want me to rewind a song, or anything else you want more of.
You know our know you have to sit on your bottom if you want a snack, you know where to sit when I put in your "pony"... you are very observant.  It amazes me how quick you catch on.  Smart girl!
You love food.  You eat almost anything that we give you.  This weekend while at at Halloween party, I caught you eating handfulls of black olives.  YUCK! You love cheese and constantly ask for more.  Eggs would be a close second.
You talk A LOT!  You can now say Max.  Before it was just "Ma".  The x sounds so cute.  You also say a lot of phrases.  "you okay, Max?" "Where'd daddy go?"
I think you have had a big growth spurt.  I had been buying you 18 month clothes, but you definitely need 24 mo or 2T - weighing in at 27 lbs!

Sleep - ugh  We still battle with this.  Bedtime 7 -7:30.  Most days y'all just take one nap.  We are lucky if you two sleep til 7.  Some mornings we get 7:15 and others we get 6:15.  Please start being more consistent!


  1. They seem like they are at such a fun age. I bet the talking is nonstop between those two! Does Claire leave her bows in when you put them on the side like that? I've tried it once or twice with Chloe just to get away from the Pebbles ponytail everyday, but if she happens to feel it up there, it's gone in a second.

  2. "Where'd daddy go?" We hear that one ALL. the. Time!

    Have you started planning the big party yet?

  3. I love to see how big Max's feet are in the pictures compared to Claire's. They make me smile! I love your babies!!!!