Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Tonight we celebrated Halloween with some of our good friends, eating pizza and cupcakes!  We skipped trick or treating for one more year.  Besides, cupcakes and pizza are much more fun!
While the babes were napping, I was busy making cupcakes.  Lots of them. For once I was ready for a party before people actually showed up.  Problem... the kids found the cupcakes and were pissed when I wouldn't let them have one.  Here is Max crying because I put them out of his reach.

We played with Jack and Wyatt before the rest of the crew came over!

Before dinner, we wrangled the five toddlers and two newborns for a quick picture.   Although it wasn't so quick!

 Claire's boyfriend, Trevor!

Best Buds!

And a few pics from their school parade and our Halloween party this weekend:

The little kids were so overwhelmed!  The minute Max saw me, he started crying.

 Any takers?!!  Eggs and Bacon :)

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  1. All the cuteness in these pictures is overwhelming. Looks like everyone had a great time, and how could you take the cupcakes away from that sweet face?? :) It's just the worst thing ever, isn't it Max?