Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meerkats, Lions and Dawgs.... Oh mY!

Saturday was family day.  Justin and I took the babes to The Natural Science Center and spent our time visiting the animals.
First stop: the meerkats!  These little animals crack me up!  This little guy is always on guard. He watches over and protects the rest of the pack!
 We saw a lot of different types of Monkeys.  Max and Claire love monkeys!  Unfortunately, they didn't come out and play as well as the other animals.
However, the Tigers came out and put on a show!  Apparently, they "spray" to mark their territories.  There is a huge sign saying to be careful if the tiger comes to certain areas, bc that is where they mark.  Well, this one lady apparently did not see the sign and sure enough, the tiger was up walking around and went to mark his territory... she did not get a direct hit, but definitely got some of the spray!  Yuck!
 Finishing up the trip, we stopped by the petting zoo.  They were able to pet and brush the goats.  Max was more willing than Claire.  They both told the goats and sheep "hi" multiple times!  So cute.
 I asked Justin to take a pic of me with the kids and this is what I got!  Every time I ask, he still just takes them of the kids! HELLO!! I want to be in some pics with them!
 After naps I took my little "dawgs" to Costco.  We always have a good time there! (who doesn't?)
 I LOVE these two more than anything in the world!  I love that they love each other so much and pray they always do!  They got quite a few looks and comments as we went through the store.  They would randomly hug each other and hold for a few seconds. So, so thankful!
 Sadly, UGA Bulldogs got creamed by USC.  Rough game to watch, especially for the hubs!

Had to put this on here... this afternoon I met up with three of my good friends from high school (and childhood). Two sets of twins, 10 month old and 14 month old!  Future BFFs!!


  1. Isn't it so much fun to watch little ones at the zoo?? My two love all the animals, too!

    And Costco carts are so worth the price of of the few twin-friendly stores out there :-)

  2. Haha, your husband's version of pics with you and the kids made me laugh. I know I need to try better at being in the picture with Chloe too.

    I can't get over how sweet your two kiddos are to each other. I bet there were many "awws" in the store too as people passed them.