Thursday, October 4, 2012

Here we go again!

Just when Justin and I get used to Max and Claire waking up at 7:00 or after and taking 3 hour afternoon naps, they revert back to the 5:45-6:15 and 1.5 hour nap.  It's really a slap in the face.  take that Mom!  It's been a crazy, long and busy week.  Justin left yesterday morning to attend his cousin's funeral.  It is so sad.  She was 44 (I think) and was a great person.  He returns tonight around 11 pm.  The funeral was in NJ so the kids and I stayed home.

Here's our week in IPhone pics.
 Monday I babysat my Brother's Twin girls.  He was in town for an appointment so I got to keep them for four hours! They are so cute and such good babies.  Max and Claire kept saying "Hi Baby"  So cute...but also made me rethink #3 for at least another year ;)

I made these pumpkin scones.  They were super easy to make and actually turned out good.  I broke rule number one.... I didn't check my ingredients before I started.  I only had a few tablespoons of all purpose flour left so I had to use wheat and spelt as well.  I can't wait to experiment with other flavors!
I've taking two spin classes this week.  I feel like my body is getting bored of running every day so hopefully adding this in will help kick things in gear.  It is a great workout and I leave drenched!  I have  also been adding a one mile run and abs to finish off the workout.

We have made two trips to the Children's Museum.  Best birthday present ever!  We have definitely gotten our money's worth.  We were there for over two hours today.  They had so much fun!

This girl... she has been giving me such a hard time lately.  Driving me nuts!  But it's smiles like these and her good manners that make me smile and forget (til she acts out again) the crazy girl she is being.  As she was climbing the stairs to the airplane she passed by a little girl and said "excuse me". I was so proud of her!

 Hopefully this will be the only police car she gets in!

Looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the loss in the family, 44 is WAY too young. The sleeping sounds rough too, do they share a room? Claire on the phone sitting at the desk is too funny!