Thursday, October 25, 2012

No excuses!

I was recently contacted by Jim Rollince about doing a guest post on fitness.  He couldn't have asked at a better time!  I love reading/hearing about new fitness tips to get me energized and ready to go!

Stay Fit This Fall This Fall With an Easy, Effective Workouts
Jim Rollince is a member of the creating writing department of Gym Source
He enjoys writing about Fitness, Nutrition, and many other related topics.

Swimsuit season is over, and holiday season is yet to arrive - as the weather cools, you might feel that the pressure is off for working out. But even though you're not baring it all on the beach or working off holiday excess, it's important to keep exercising. You'll be happy you did once Thanksgiving rolls around!

Exercising outside has many proven benefits, including stress reduction and increased motivation. But fall can be tricky, with huge weather changes. Here are some all-over strength exercises you can do, indoors or out, with minimal props.

Lunges: a classic move, lunges work the quadriceps, hamstring, calves, glutes, and even the core, making it a great total lower-body move.

Start with your right leg forward, bent to a 90-degree angle. Slowly lower your back leg to the ground until your knee brushes the floor. Return to the starting position, and repeat 10-12 times. Switch legs and repeat.

Indoor option: grab a weight in your right hand, bend your elbow, and hold the weight at shoulder level. Switch sides when you switch legs.

Uneven Mountain Climbers: This exercise targets multiple core muscles for a fast flab fix.
Find a park bench or other two-level surface and get into a plank position with your arms higher than your toes, body in a straight line. Bend one leg toward the opposite elbow, keeping your back straight. Lower back to the plank position and switch legs. Continue alternating for 15-20 reps each side.

Indoor option: put your hands on an exercise ball, and you'll really feel the burn.

Tricep Extension: the triceps are the largest muscles in the arm; while many workouts target the biceps, the triceps are a quick way to sleek, toned arms.
Hold a dumbell, heavy branch, or even a rock straight above your head with both hands. Squeeze your elbows in. Slowly bend your elbows and lower your arms behind your head, hold for one second, and return your arms to their starting position. Repeat 10-12 times.

Fall can be great for outdoor aerobics, as the heat of the summer fades and the chill of winter is still weeks off. But what can you do when an unexpected rain or snow storm arrives? You'll need some home gym equipment, but it's worth the investment.

Treadmills: A classic home gym mainstay is the treadmill. Invest in one that has a hill-climbing function to simulate the outdoors and keep yourself in top form in the comfort of your home when the weather is bad. A good treadmill will let you continue your aerobic routine without interruption.

Ellipticals: Do you suffer from knee trouble or other sports-related injuries? ellipticals may be the answer: it's a low-impact running machine that will get the results you want without sacrificing your joints.

Use these simple exercises to keep yourself fit during the beautiful fall season if your motivation is low. If you keep your exercise habit strong now, it will be all the easier to recover from the holiday season.

Thanks, Jim!  
..... off to do some lunges!

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