Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cutie Patooties!

I have more pumpkin pictures.  A lot.  Friday, my Mom and I took the to our Farmer's Market to take some pumpkin pictures and scope out the produce.

Every day I am amazed at how in love with these two I am!  Can they get any cuter?
Friday night we packed up and headed to Atlanta to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Justin had a golf tournament with a customer yesterday so we just made a long weekend out of it!  Saturday morning Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Darcy, Max, Claire, Justin and I headed to a pumpkin patch that had a hayride.  It was a great idea and a lot of fun, just really far away! - and we never made the hayride. We were in the car (roundtrip) for probably 3.5 hrs! BUT we got some great pumpkins and even better pictures!
 They started their search together!

 Then went their own ways....
 They liked to hug and kiss the pumpkins?!
 Claire showing off her new boots!

 Max looking all grown up!

 My beautiful girl!

 Max loves his Aunt Darcy!

 Justin and his Dad with the babes

 Grandma found a pumpkin!

Sunday was full of shopping.  Grandma and Grandpa stocked Max and Claire up with winter pjs and lots of cute clothes!  Max and Claire LOVE their grandparents!  When the kiddos went down for their nap, I went shopping with Grandma.  We both had a great time and came home with goodies.  

Monday was just me and the babes.  Justin was playing golf and Grandma and Grandpa were off to work.  We played at the park, went on a jog and took more pictures!

 I am sure she is telling a funny joke ;)

Our ride home was LONG.  We left at 8pm to avoid traffic and in hopes of a quiet ride with the babes. But that wasn't the case.  Within 5 min of being on I85, we were in stand still traffic.  We moved 20 miles in two hours!  So not cool.  Max and Claire ended up waking up around 11/11:30 and stayed awake til we got home.  They snacked, watched Baby Mozart 897 times, danced to Naughty by Nature, fussed and laughed! We ended up getting home at 3 am! - put them down and went to bed!  They slept til 8:15!! went to school, went down for a nap at 1:30 and slept til 4:45!!!! 

Great fun!


  1. They are super cute! It sounds like fun, I hope you're back into routine this week.

  2. Look at her boots! You did get some great pictures, we are going to the pumpkin patch today and I'm super excited. I swear, just when I think you've posted the most adorable pictures of those two, you come back with even cuter pictures!!

  3. I love pumpkin patch pictures! These are so cute. I've been meaning to take Macey to the farmers market, but keep forgetting about it. We only live 10 minutes from there too...sad!!

  4. Great pictures!!!!