Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finding happy

This post is really just me complaining and "talking" out loud.  I know my husband, family and friends are so tired of me talking about weight.  I can't help it. It has consumed me.  I am 8-10 lbs heavier than I was last year at this time (I was still pumping).  I work out six-seven days a week, usually seven and eat a pretty healthy diet.  I just want to be happy.
I've been trying this awesome meal plan for the past 1.5 weeks and have followed it about 80%.  I've only lost one pound, maybe only a half pound.  Which makes me not want to continue if I could just eat the way I was before and stay where I was.  This meal plan is mainly veggies, fruit, beans, and whole grains - limited dairy and meat.  I've even cut out sugar/splenda in my morning coffee.  That's huge!!!  I feel great and haven't missed the sugar all that much (except at night).

When will I find my happy?  Some days I think, "I look fine, I am healthy"  Other days I am on the verge of tears bc my skinny pants are too tight.

On top of all my insecurities, the kiddos are acting nuts - good thing they are so stinkin cute!  This Mom needs a major break!


  1. Hang in there, Kelly! What you're doing is amazing and if you stick with it you are sure to see results!!!

    The main reason I haven't started WW yet is that I know that it will take time to work for me but that it will instantly work for my husband. When we did WW together last year, I would lose MAYBE 0.5 pound per week and he would lose 2-4 pounds per week PLUS he got to eat like 17 more points per day than me. I was bitter!

    You are beautiful and healthy. I know the push/pull of wanting to maintain the status quo versus wanting to look/feel better... not to mention having to care for two crazy people that make me want to eat candy all day long.

    Can you plan for a few hours on your own on the weekend? Go get a manicure or read a book at Starbucks, just enjoy some peace from the chaos that is twin toddlers!

  2. You look great, but I so know what you mean and how you are feeling! I'm heavier than I have ever been (besides pregnancy)and it drives me crazy!I was stuck this summer and I switched up my diet a little bit and it gave me that extra push. Just stick with the healthy eating and exercise and I'm sure you will see results soon! We also all have our days where we need a "break"! You are not alone!

  3. First of all, I lurk your blog and also live in the Triad. Ha.

    Second, you look AWESOME. Although, I know that looking good to others and feeling good yourself are totally different. I feel so frumpy now after having a child.

    Third, your kids are precious and I can only imagine how exhausting twins must be. I have a 19 month old little girl and she is a handful as well.


  4. Never underestimate the power of twins and motherhood to change your body and your metabolism!

    From what I see, you look great, but what is more important is how we feel about ourselves.

    I am starting to do some research on balancing female hormones naturally. From what I have been reading, stubborn weight loss can be related to unbalanced hormones. Don't know how open you are to natural remedies, but it might be worth looking into...