Friday, November 16, 2012


Actually, I have a few countdowns...  first off, I had no idea that THIS Thursday was Thanksgiving.  I was thinking it was the following week.  That means the 1/2 marathon I have been training for is THIS Thursday! Yikes!!  I have only had a few long runs in and I really would like to get one more in.  I have run 13 miles once, 10 miles once, a few 7&8 miles and many 3-6.  I'm starting to get nervous!
This morning I got in a sixer at the gym.  Pretty happy with the pace (9.27 min/mile).  I would love to keep all 13.1 under a ten minute mile.  We will see!

Happy moment of the day

I keep seeing all these Christmas ads for early shopping.  Not early as in Black Friday, but early as in starting today!  I ordered some Erin Condren Christmas labels for half off.  These are perfect to put on a tin with homemade cookies!  Tomorrow Old Navy is having a BOBO 50% sale. I plan to make a stop there as well!  I hate shopping to early bc I can't keep a secret. I want to give the gift when I get it! I've gotten a few small stocking stuffers for the babes.  Hopefully I will remember where I put them!
We visited my mom at work the other day (Furnitureland South). They are all decorated for Christmas. I am trying to teach Max and Claire about Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty.  (I also need to be teaching them the real meaning of Christmas!)  They were in awe when they saw this huge Santa!  They have called him "HoHo".  I will also add we have started listening to Christmas music!  Most people complain, but I love it!

Hi Santa!

just a few random pics of my two crazy and favorite toddlers...
wearing a crown visor he found at FLS
I love when she makes this little face :)


  1. LOVE Furnitureland South! Macey calls Santa "HoHo" too. I think it's cute! And we have started listening to Christmas music also. I love it! Do you have a twitter or Instagram account?

  2. Good luck next Thursday! That's a great pace and I'm sure you'll be able to reach your goal with adrenaline going! I've always wanted to do a half around this time of year but chicken out as I'm too scared of freezing!!!

  3. We used to have a few radio stations that starting playing Christmas music right after Halloween, but they don't anymore, so I had JJ make me a CD so I could listen anyway. :) I'm sure you'll do great on your run!

  4. What a CUTE first picture of them squeezing each other!