Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Drive by

Max and Claire are really getting into Christmas. They love seeing all the yard decorations, so the past few nights we have been driving through neighborhoods to see the lights. "Oh, wow" and "oh, pretty" come out of their mouths the whole drive.
They also say "more" after every lighted house we pass. In a few weeks we are doing a 5k called, "the running of the balls". It's through a neighborhood that has those lighted balls hanging from the trees. They are going to love it!

And can't resist posting a few cute pics of the kiddos.

How huge does he look?

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  1. Macey is really into the lights too! You must be running through the neighborhood off of Friendly and Market! We drive through there every year, one of my favorites!That should be a fun a run!

  2. Isn't it great to see them really noticing the season??

    And, yes, he does look so long in that last pic! Close up shot, right??

    Merry Christmas!