Sunday, December 16, 2012

"No Ho Ho!"

Saturday we went to our Elks Lodge (I'm the Elk! ha!) to have breakfast and meet Santa.  Claire got dressed up in her new Santa shirt and Buds in his festive overalls.

I couldn't capture a picture together...but not to worry, they will get their wear out of their Christmas outfits!

We got to the breakfast at 8:30 not realizing Santa wouldn't be there until after 9:15.  That's a long time to keep them entertained - especially without high chairs.  
Buds getting nervous when the Big Guy walked in!
we're next!

My plan was to take them up there and have a picture with the three of us, then try to put them on Santa's lap while Justin took the pictures.
What's wrong with this picture?
Where's Santa??
Ha! Just looks like the three of us taking a picture!  Wish Justin would have given me a clue that Santa was not visible!  After this picture I turned around to put both in Santa's lap and, well....

Claire was kicking to hard to let her stay!  Maybe next year?!

After naps we played outside.  I put Claire in this Nike track suit I bought at a consignment sale.  Is it not the best thing you've ever seen?  It cracks me up!
 Look at that face!

 hands on hips!!

Playing ball with Daddy!

Saturday night we had two of our favorite couples over.  We had good food and played Apples to Apples. Love that game.  I never brought the camera out, but did snap this pic of one of my favorite apps: Baked Brie!
Before being baked.... so yummy! especially with apples!

Today we took it easy.  I was doing dishes and Justin said, "Kelly, come quick"... this is how Claire was sitting in the den!
She is quite the character.  Can't get enough of my two babies!

A lot of jumping around in this post.. but tonight Justin and I ran a 5k called, Running of the Balls.  
We had planned to run as a family before it started raining.  My mom came over to watch Max and Claire so we could still go. It was a beautiful run even with the misty rain.  I wish we would have brought the kids bc it wasn't too bad!


  1. haha, I have to laugh at the picture of the three of you and Santa not anywhere to be found. They certainly were not having any part of Santa this year, were they? That track suit is adorable, we have a few two piece outfits that are similar for Chloe and I love putting her in them.

  2. Kelly, you have a gorgeous family! I love the babies Christmas outfits :)