Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Every night we sing songs to Max and Claire before bed.  It is our routine.  We have the same few we sing all the time.  Recently they have been requesting "Happy" meaning, "You are my Sunshine" and ask for "one more" over and over.  They like to stall!  This past week I've been singing "Jesus Loves Me".  Tonight, while I was rocking Claire singing "happy", I started crying.  I couldn't stop thinking about the elementary kids I saw running around on the playground today.  I was hurting.  I hurt.  My heart aches so badly for those families and the Connecticut community.  The tears really started flowing when Claire all the sudden looked up at me and said, "Jesus".
Yes, sweetheart, Jesus Loves You! and I will always sing that to you and hope you always know that Jesus Loves YOU!

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