Saturday, January 5, 2013


It's no secret that Max and Claire are early risers.  This morning Max woke up around 4:30 looking for his "boppy" (paci).  I waited hoping he would find it and go back to sleep....he didn't, so I went in to give him one and without fail, Claire wakes up crying and he went back to sleep.  I scooped her up and brought her into our room.  All was quiet until 5 when Max woke up.  Justin attempted to bring him in our room with Claire but he ended up talking to her and both were wide awake.  
Something has to be done!  A couple friends have mentioned the Gro clock.  I have heard lots of good things and I think it's time we try one.  Have any of you ever used one?  If so, which one, and did you like it!  The reviews are pretty similar.
This is the one I'm considering:

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Second question..
do any of you use the Project 365 app on the Iphone?  You take a picture every day of the year.  I did it last year and it's great...except it takes up so much space on my phone.  Is there a way I can print each month off?  Or is there another app similar that can be printed?


  1. Groovebook let's you print a photobook from your phone...don't know if that would help or not!

  2. I don't have anything helpful to add but I wanted to say as a mom of former early risers that it must be so frustrating for you and I hope the Gro clock helps.

    I hope they sleep in tomorrow!

    1. another 5am! Made them cry it out til 5:36. Ordering clock today!

  3. Oh bless you! I wish I had advice but I don't :( If it makes you feel better we still struggle every night with Macey sleeping in her room...

  4. I thought about getting clocks for my kids but I don't think they would understand it. Once they are up they are up. If they aren't going to go back to sleep snuggling with me they won't do it because a clock is a different color :/ What time do they go to bed at night and how long do they nap? Maybe they need to go to bed later or have shorter naps. I've finally figured out how much sleep my kids need so I've been able to make a schedule. For instance, my two year old wakes up at 6:30 (I'm up at 5:30), then he naps from 2-3:30. He goes to sleep at 8. I wake him up from his nap at 3:30. He would sleep longer but that would mean he'd go to bed later.

  5. Just catching up on your blog, i haven't heard of those clocks- Can't wait to hear/see how it works! And so much fun NYE!