Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2nd haircut

Today was the day. Max and Claire's hair has gotten out of control and it was time to do something about it. I wanted to shapen Claire's hair back to a cute bob and had envisioned shortening Max's hair so I could "style" it.
But because his hair is thicker on top, it ended up looking silly. I'm wishing I just had it trimmed - it will grow fast though!

He was kind of fussy and kept wanting me to pick him up. He was much happier when it was Claire's turn!

Both were happy to have suckers as a treat!

After naps we headed to the park to enjoy the warm front we are having.
This park is really cool bc people have donated old riding toys. They may be missing some parts (two cars were missing steering wheels), but he kids still enjoy playing with them!
"I'm up high!"

sliding with Mommy!

Claire likes playing in the dirt. I don't like dirt or to feel gritty, but I keep my mouth shut and let her play and explore!

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  1. Macey is hit or miss whether she going to like getting her hair cut or scream the whole time! I love bobs on little girls! I'm trying to get Maceys like a bob my poor baby still doesn't have much hair!

  2. Claire has such gorgeous hair with very pretty natural highlights. I think Max looks adorable too.