Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We are two!

Today is Max and Claire's "happy day".  That is how they say 'Happy Birthday'.  Lucky me, our day started at 4:55 am.  Yep, you read that right.  Justin had already left for work, so I tried to put them in bed with me in hopes they would fall back asleep... but after 20 min. of convincing them it was still night night time, we got up and started our day.
I wanted them to be surprised when the woke up, so last night I went and got some balloons.  I got a few plain latex balloons and this big Elmo balloon.  It sings Happy Birthday!  They loved it!

My mom sent in their picture to our local news station.  They're famous!

I had a hair appointment scheduled thinking they were in school today not realizing it was a workday.  Thankfully I have wonderful friends who offered to keep them.  They were thrilled to spend three hours with their buddy, Trevor.

As I have said previously, their sleep patterns haven't been so great - especially Max.  I took him to the doctor this afternoon and I as I thought, he has an ear infection. Poor guy!

Nanny and Poppy came over for pizza, cake and presents.

They have their 2 year check up on Thursday so I'll do their 2 year stats post then!  Just a few more days til their Birthday Party!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my babies.  Love you so much :)

Through the years....
days before their arrival

1-22-2011 first family picture

 One year old!

2 years old and best friends!


  1. Happy birthday to Max and Claire!! I totally forgot about sending in Chloe's picture to the news station for her first birthday. Mom fail. They look so proud looking at their cake. :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most adorable little twinks! What a great mom to get them on TV too! Wish I would have thought of that. So cute how they are besties. Hope you have a wonderful day with them!

  3. Happy Birthday to Max and Claire! I didn't realize Macey and them were so close in age! We need to get them together one day!