Thursday, January 24, 2013

Off the charts!

I had all intentions on doing their two year post, but I have frogged around too long.  BUT I can do a quick update on their two year stats!

Buds: BIG BOY!
38.5 inches - off the charts!!
33 lbs - 97%

I knew he was tall, but I was not expecting, "off the chart"!

Bear Bear:
35.5 inches - 85%
28 lb 2 oz - 80%

Our dr was very happy with their development, especially Claire's vocabulary.  They have started telling people they are two and hold up a finger from each hand....I'm still having a hard time believing my babies are TWO!

We are expecting some snow/ice tomorrow afternoon so our schools are on a three hour early dismissal - meaning Max and Claire will only go to school 9-11. That's better than nothing, but I was really needing that time to get everything ready for their birthday party on Saturday!  Nothing like waiting til the last minute :)


  1. Wow Max is so tall!! I hope you get the time you need today to prep everything.

  2. I can't get over how tall he is! Chloe is 6 months behind and about 10-11 inches shorter, ha! Good luck with your party prep today. I'm sure everything will be perfect for tomorrow!

  3. HOLY COW that's tall for 2! NBA watch out for Max! :)

  4. I hope the snow/ice mix didn't get in the way of your party today! Can't wait to hear all about it!