Monday, February 4, 2013

A Mommy weekend!

Friday while the kiddos were in school I got a facial (thanks to a gift card the hubs got me for Christmas).  It was fantastic and so relaxing!  THEN I went to get a manicure - definitely a day planned for me....but it didn't stop there! Friday night my parents kept Max and Claire and we had a date night with two other couples.  It was so much fun and even better bc we were able to sleep in!  Unfortunately, my parents were up with the babes at 4:55am!  They haven't slept past 5:30 in at least 10 days....not sure what's going on.
Saturday night I went out with the girls.   I was so tired from Friday night that I really didn't want to go, but so glad I did bc we had a blast!

Today was a great family day.  We took the kids on a cold run and had lunch with two of their Godparents.  They brought M and C's bday presents - soccer balls!  They were ecstatic, so much that they insisted to sleep with them.  I was hesitant, but let them anyway - nap went well, how I just hope tonight goes well :)  While they were napping, Mom and I went in search for some organization help for the playroom.  I was tired of this...

 I still have work to do, but happy with the progress we made today!  Thanks, Mom!!
 Max has the blue bin and filled with all his trucks/cars. Claire has the pink bin that has all her girlie toys and the green ones have balls and all their pretend food.  It is nice to have all the little pieces off the floor...we will see how long this last!

I snuck this picture of Max last night when I went in to check on them -
both insisted on sleeping with their new soccer balls!  I also must add that it's kids-10 parents-0.  We had another 5:20 wake up time :(

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  1. I think we will end up with a storage shelf like that too. Hope you end up liking it! That is so cute that they wanted to sleep with their soccer balls. And what a fun adult-start to your weekend!