Thursday, January 31, 2013


My house is a MESS.  Not dirty, but cluttered, especially with toys.  It's driving me insane.  I can't take all of it anymore.  The playroom is the worst.

Bad, huh?

It's not like I don't clean it.... I clean up and minutes later it looks like a tornado came through.  Tonight I asked Max and Claire to help clean up the den and Max just took some toys and tossed them in the playroom.

We do have a lot of bigger toys - the trampoline, bus, table, art easel, and kitchen set.  I would like a toy bench or some type of storage system...but just don't know where it would go.  Our house looks like Christmas morning with all the bday presents and trying to find the space!

Ideas? What do you use to organize play spaces?


  1. Even with my addition to storage organizers, it's hard to keep control of my twin tornadoes (and I'm constantly picking up toys!).

  2. Hi, i keep most things on shelves and i have 6 bags with an assortment of toys in which i take out every day or so but we pack the toys away as soon as they want to move onto something else. We also pack away each toy/activity as we move onto the next- a lot of praise helps and we learned a little song at music classes- 'away, away, put it away' and 'away' was actually an early word for both my girls. Maybe having girls helps because they both love to organise/ clean and like things to be in their place.

  3. I'm wondering about this too as we get ready to turn our finished basement into a playroom. I'm trying not to buy too much though in case our next house is set up totally different. For now I'm just going to use bins. We don't have many of the big toys you do yet though.

  4. I wish I could tell you that it gets better! I do try to rotate some of the toys (and hide them when not in use), because I think they get bored. We also have several big baskets for books, smaller toys, stuffed animals, etc. Good luck!

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