Saturday, February 16, 2013

still here

Just realized I haven't blogged in almost a week.  My life is pretty boring right now.... just me chasing around two crazy toddlers.  A few nights this week have felt like the new baby stage of CIO.  Claire has been waking up either at 1am or 4am and we have been making her CIO.  She is stubborn (don't know where she gets that from) and holds her ground.....meaning almost a full hour before she finally goes back to sleep.  It's been a fun week ;)

We have had lots of play dates.  So lucky to have such great friends!

Bear is turning into such a big girl.  They both are so much fun to watch.  I am amazed every day with new words, faces, etc...

We've had weird weather the past few days.  Yesterday was 60 and today was 35 and snowed all day.  We spent the day inside and Justin and I cleaned out and switched closets.  We are lucky to have 1970s closets that are teeny tiny{enter sarcasm}.  Up until today, we have shared our bedroom closet and the guest room had all our suits/dresses and sweats - but now I took over our closet and Justin moved all his clothes in the guest room.  We had four bags and about 15 coats to donate to Bargain Box.  Not how we wanted to spend our Saturday, but so needed!
making progress!

So much better!

It will also be so much quieter in the morning with Justin's clothes in the other room since he gets up at 4:15 most mornings!  Hopefully this will help keep our room from getting so cluttered and will be the start to organizing other spaces!

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  1. Wonder what's up with the sleeping habits lately? Hopefully she works through it quickly and goes back to sleeping through the night. I know how rough that can be.

    I remember growing up my dad took over most of my brother's closet for the same reason - small master closet so he gave most of it to my mom. That is one thing I want in our next house...a bigger closet! Your hard work sure paid off though! I need to weed through my clothes too and donate lots. I still have stuff from high school, and dare I say...maybe even middle school?! Eek!