Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Catching up

Hi!  It's been a week.  This weekend we had a fabulous time in Charlotte with Justin's family.  We ate, shopped, played games and just had nice quality time!  The kids were great and even started sleeping later!  totally jinxing myself   I remember being upset last year when Daylight savings time didn't help me in the spring, but it has this year!  I couldn't believe it when they slept until 7:45 this morning!! loving it!
Also loving the warm weather and sunshine!  I wish it was here to stay.  Justin was able to come home early today so we took the kiddos to the park.
Miss Personality
Our morning started off with pouring rain so the ground was saturated and there were mud puddles everywhere.  They still found things to play with and on!

Anyone watch The Bachelor?  This wasn't my favorite season, but I watched every episode! I was disappointed with "the most exciting news" last night.  I thought the show dragged.  It might be bc I wasn't in love with either girl.  Catherine is cute and sweet (just thought she seemed too young) so I hope it works out! I also stumbled across Sean's sister's blog.  Love it!  I also love her food blog.  I have made three of her recipes and they have all been good.  Tonight I made crescent roll casserole.  It was good!  I added black beans to mine.  I think the options and mixins are endless!
Cresent Roll Casserole ~ YUM!
And just a few pics from this past week!
Interactive Story time at the library

Bubble catching with Papa

Making wishes at the fountain!

Sweet family of four!

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