Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some things

I haven't been blogging much lately.  I'm blaming Facebook and Instagram.  I upload pictures {almost} daily on Instagram leaving little to blog about.  Instagram pretty much sums up our days; early wake up times, gym, children's museum, playdates, dinner and girls' nights!

Actually, they have been sleeping in until 6:30.  It's great.  You would think they were sleeping in until 8!  Their personalities come out more and more each day.  There's not a day that goes by that they don't crack me up or surprise me with new things.
He is hilarious!
Yesterday he wore a UGA ear warmer all day!  He even wore his snow boots to the Children's Museum!

How have they grown up so fast?!
Love when I can dress them alike!

I've also been {kind of} busy training for the upcoming 1/2 marathon.  Tomorrow will make it one month away.  The furtherest in training i've done is eight miles.  I've been taking lots of classes at the gym and only running a few miles before or after class.  Yesterday I had to fight for my favorite treadmill.  I'm a treadmill snob.  I only like a select few and refuse to use the others.  
Speaking of gym... people need to learn some gym etiquette.  towels, people, towels!  Bring your towel, but more importantly, wipe down your machine.  No one wants to get on a piece of equipment with someone else's sweat all over it.  That's definitely my biggest pet peeve!   I also can't stand when people stand in your personal space during classes... give me some room to move!

Can't leave out my girls' nights!  Thankfully, Justin knows how important it is for me to get out and be with my friends.  Most of the time it's after kids are in bed.  My favorite is Monday night.  A group of us get together at someone's house to watch the Bachelor!  It's the greatest!  We eat, drink and talk way too much.  Can't wait til next week's finale! - although I'm not a fan of either girl.  Des all the way!

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  1. Hey Kelly! I tried to find you on Instagram, love seeing the twins!! I'm jnwalker1222 if you want to look me up!