Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Basket Showcase

I'm linking up with Sarah at Our Journey to showcase our Easter Baskets!  While Max and Claire don't understand much about the meaning of Easter or the Easter Bunny, we have been talking about it because we are using it as an opportunity to get rid of paci!!

When we were at Target last week, we walked up and down toy isles so they could show me a special toy they would like to have.  Saturday night they will give all of their "boppys" to the Easter Bunny, who is going to deliver to other babies that need them!  Fingers crossed this goes well!

Claire's Basket:
Large marker, pink crocs, hello kitty stickers, princess cups and a play pack that will be great for  restaurants.
The baby doll is what she wanted as her special prize from the Easter  Bunny!

Max's basket:
Large marker, blue crocs, stickers, Cars cups and a play pack

A few Elmo eggs to fill up with other stickers

The excavator is Max's special prize for giving up his boppy!
As of now, we don't have any sweet treats.  I may add some organic gummy bears or animal crackers in one or two eggs.

Looking forward to an Easter Egg Hunt/Party with our friends tomorrow night!  Wishing we were going to have nicer weather...looks like 55 will be the warmest we will have :(


  1. Have fun at the egg hunt! We are looking forward to high 50s here, although on the news the mentioned this time last year we were already in the 70s. Good luck with the Easter bunny and losing the pacis! You'll have to let us know how it goes.

  2. Ooooo glad you're going with the Easter Bunny idea! Keep me updated on how that goes. :) Love the crocs in the baskets and have fun at your egg hunt/party tonight! Thanks for linking up Kelly!

  3. Great baskets! I know your kids will be thrilled! Good luck getting rid of the pacifiers! That's a really cute idea to give them to the Easter Bunny!