Sunday, March 17, 2013

Green and Bling

What a beautiful Saturday we had!  High 60s to low 70s.  Perfect for outside play and a picnic!
First time trying Stoneyfield's squeezers

They "helped" me trim the rose bushes, helped Daddy pick up sticks and enjoyed playing in the grass.
breaking a stick over her knee like Nanny!

We even brought out their trikes they got for Christmas.  They still need a little practice on steering!

Later that evening, Justin and I headed to the Junior League of Greensboro's Showhouse for the Denim and Diamond event.  Last night it was an empty house party.  We were able to see the house before the designers transform all the rooms and landscape.  It's a really neat house - can't wait to see what the designers do! (You will see it in Traditional Home Magazine!)  JLG was also celebrating 85 years.
You were able to purchase one (up to five) of the 85 boxes at a chance to win a $3000 pair of diamond earrings!  I bought two boxes and won a nice pair of cz earrings and a gift box to a really cool gift store.

Had an amazing time with these pretty ladies and their husbands!

Even had lots of laughs from our friend getting locked in the bathroom!  Still laughing about that!
Happy to be set free!!
While the girls mingled, the guys were playing craps and other poker games.  I tried, but didn't understand.  I just wanted to roll the dice!

Looking forward to the next event at this house, Derby Party!

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