Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grab Bag

Thanks to Facebook and some friends, I found about a great deal at a local boutique, Dress Code.
They are having a three day "grab bag" sale.  They have bags set up by size for $50 and there is no peeking!  There are three items in each bag, valued over $400/$450.  So even if you don't like what you get or it doesn't fit, you could consign and get your money back :)

I was so nervous to open the bag.  I ended up going for a run {1/2 marathon is in two weeks} and waiting to open until I got back.
I did lots of daydreaming while running in this beautiful neighborhood!  Only in my dreams!  Hoping to win the megamillions tonight!

I was very unsure of what size to get.  I wear mostly sixes, but I figured it would be better to go up bc I can get it taken in if too big.  Glad I did!  My bag consisted of a pair of jeans, strapless lace dress and a little jacket thingy. The jeans fit perfect, but the dress is way too big.  I will definitely get it taken in.  It will be perfect for Easter and Derby Party with a bright pink or navy cardigan!
I was so excited about my bag, I got my friend to go get one.  She liked it just as much so we decided to go in half and get another bag.  It included a sleeveless sweater, skirt and a belt.  I didn't like it as much as mine.  We are going to try everything on tomorrow.

Love finding good deals!


  1. What a neat idea! That dress is too cute.

  2. That's such a cool idea and that dress is gorgeous. I think it would look SO good with a bright cardigan. And that house? I daydream too. Oh to have that life. :)