Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gate City Half Marathon

This Saturday I ran in my second half marathon.  The weather was beautiful, as was the course.  We ran through downtown Greensboro and through beautiful neighborhoods.  It was, however, VERY hilly.  I think starting mile 4, the hills were constant.

I was nervous going in because I had only ran two long runs, 8 miles and 9 miles, majority being 4-5 miles at a time.  However, I had a PR! 2:04:03! That's three minutes faster than the Thanksgiving half I did in November!  I would love to get closer to the 2 hr mark!  Around mile 4 I started talking to another runner.  We cheered each other on the rest of the way, definitely making the time go by quicker!

With Speedy - 1:40!!!

My cheerleader's "cheese" face
Our Cheerleaders!

I was/am extremely sore after the race. I could barely bend my knee.... It's safe to say I am sore from my waist down. Today is better, but still tight.  I plan on getting a massage when the kids go back to school Tuesday!

Saturday afternoon was beautiful so we washed cars.  Max and Claire loved helping wash the car!

Thankfully, Nanny and Poppy let Max and Claire come over for a sleep over and we went out to dinner with friends and were kids free this morning! It was so nice of them considering today is their 34th wedding anniversary!  Sadly, they had to put down their 12 year old Golden Retriever after we left.  Never an easy decision to make on your best friend :(

Back to routine this week and thankfully we will have spring like temperatures!!


  1. Congrats, that is a wonderful time! I bet by the time you run your next one, you can shave off those four minutes. You have the cutest cheerleaders around for sure! Enjoy the warmer weather, we are getting a little bit of it here too.

  2. Awww... love the little cheering section and that's a GREAT time Kelly!