Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Big things happening around here people, big things! The past few days Max and Claire have been wanting to sit on the potty.  Until today, we didn't have a little potty or seat for them, so thanks to Target, we have a potty seat!
Sesame Street Seat from Target
I thought having a seat they both liked would help encourage and make it fun to go potty.  I am NOT potty training, but since they are interested, we can at least move in that direction.  If things go well, I'll attempt to this summer when school lets out.
They were super excited to try it out.  They asked to go at least three times.  Finally, on the third attempt, Claire pee peed in the potty!  She was so excited!

Other updates:
Claire is a piece of work.  Miss smarty pants.  She is one, sassy girl!  Girlfriend has been throwing tantrums like no other - usually falling to her knees then falling face forward and crying and kicking.  Fun times!  She knows her ABCs, counts to 8, but knows how to count to 10!, has an amazing memory, pays attention to every detail - always observing, loves her baby dolls.
She is in time out a lot and getting her to stay put for two minutes is miserable.  She likes to put her toe on the line or just over to piss me off.  She talks a LOT!  Recently, when I put her to bed, she says, "no shower Mommy" or "no get dressed".  She doesn't like when I leave. She still mimics what I do.  She asks questions when she doesn't understand or know someone.  She knows most of her friends' mom's names and if she doesn't, she asks, "What's Cooper's Mommy's name"

Max now has curls!  It's so cute!  He looks so grown up.  He still loves to turn knobs, likes to drink from a big boy cup (and does great), pour water back and forth between cups, run around the house, throw balls and play outside.  He loves trucks, motorcycles and cars and points every one out.  Major Mama's boy!  Still sticks close to me around new people and hates when I leave.  Nighttime they both want me to be the one to put them down.  His tantrums have gotten a little better.  He loves to dance and likes me to have fun music while I'm driving.  He gives the best hugs and kisses.

Paci Update:
Two weeks going strong!  Every once in a while when they are fussy or real tired, they will ask for it.  Nap time is the most difficult for Max.  It takes him a lot longer to fall asleep.  Claire actually had a fit bc the doll the Easter Bunny brought her was missing her paci. #momfail.  Should not have bought a doll with a paci when we were giving up pacis!  Thanks for giving me the push to go all the way with the paci!


  1. It sounds like you have two big kids on your hands! Where does the time go?!

  2. Oh my, it sounds like Chloe will be following in Claire's footsteps very soon. Knows just how to push our buttons. :) I love Max's curls! I hope our little boy has some curls of his own. And YAY on the paci update!! Glad it's going so well!

  3. Nice job on potty training! Drew really still shows no interest at all so we haven't tackled that just yet. :) LOVE those curls.... don't ever cut those!!!

  4. theyre so big!!! max looks like little teddy with his curls!! i love claire is interested in who her friends moms are!! so cute!!! i miss yall! cant wait to play all summer!