Saturday, April 20, 2013

The past couple of days we have been busy playing with my nieces, who also happen to be twins!
Not easy to get a smile from four toddlers!

They are obsessed with their cousins!

Claire's favorite "flower"

"help! no someone tell her enough!"

I think I have mentioned that Max and Claire's sleeping patterns have not been as good since we gave our pacis to the Easter Bunny. Last night they both ended up in our bed (don't judge).  This makes for a long night and a little sliver for me to sleep on.  We only have a queen bed - not big enough for four people.  Anyways, tonight, without a lot of thought, we put Claire in the guest bedroom on a queen bed.  We pushed it against the wall and put a pillow barricade on the other.  Max thought it was cool at first, then quickly changed his mind.  Claire fell right asleep.  Max screamed and cried for a while - in his crib.  Really hoping for a peaceful night.  This might be Claire's new bed!

Sweet cheeks (nap time in our bed)
Watching the Meerkats  

Earlier today we met one of my best friends and her son at The Natural Science Center.  They had the best time!  Max loved petting the sheep and brushing the goat!  Claire liked watching the meerkats! We have a really nice Science Center.  There is a play area for toddlers, petting zoo, lots of animals, dinosaurs and a bunch of science stuff.  I ended up sighing up for a membership today. We will definitely get our money worth!

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