Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pool days

For almost the past two weeks, we have had beautiful pool weather and have spent most days at the pool.  The kids are loving it and it is even better since most of their best friends are there as well.
Claire has been a fish, even allowing me to hold her and help her float and blow bubbles!

Max went under the first day so it has taken him a little longer to get used to the water.  He likes to hold on to the side and jump up and down.

I bought them some swimmies, but neither are too fond of them.  I did sign them up for a week long camp that is 9-1.  They will have 1.5 hrs of instructed swim time.  It's two instructors for four kids.  I'm really excited and think they will love it and be more comfortable in the water.

Sadly, for all of us, the weather has been overcast and rainy since Sunday so we have been trying to find other fun things to keep us busy.
This weekend we will leave for the beach with our playgroup... moms and kids only.  Seven toddlers and three babies... #whatwerewethinking?!


  1. There is something SOOO adorable about little girls in bikinis. They just make me squeal!

  2. Lucky you, I'm sure they'll have fun at the classes. I was a slacker mom. By the time I figured out I wanted to sign the twins up for swimming classes, there were no more openings :(

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