Sunday, June 16, 2013

Playgroup at the Beach!

Last week our playgroup headed to the beach.  One of the Mom's has a beach house in Morehead City.  It was the perfect house for our rowdy crew.  It was on the sound, but had the perfect little beach area for the kids as well as a huge yard to run around in.

Max and Claire loved the water.  Max really surprised me.  He was a fish and did not want to get out.  He was so brave!

Since we had this little private area, we let the kids run around in their birthday suits most of the time.

Our playgroup has six moms and 12 kids (11 were there) -- all 2.5 and younger!  The week went so well.  We were all so happy how it turned out.  The kids were behaved (most of the time) and the adults had a great time hanging out.  The only challenging part was sleep.  Some kids woke up super early (mine) and some went to bed really late.  It was really hard keeping the early birds and night owls quiet.

Claire loved helping with the babies!

Claire and her buddy, Jack

Bath time!

Some of our handsome boys!

My two favorite littles!

Melts my heart!

He is so handsome!
We did manage a group shot, but it is on Heather's camera.  Taking a group shot of the kids was not an easy task, so we put them on the boat and let them play.

This is only half the strollers!
I love that Max and Claire's best friends' moms are my best friends, too!  Such an awesome playgroup!

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