Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two going on 13

Be positive, be positive, be positive..... 

Today was  rough day.  Max has been acting out for the past couple of weeks.  He has hit me and Claire, thrown toys, hit and kick a door (when I wouldn't let him in) and thrown a lot of tantrums.  It's hard.  Being a mom is not easy!

Neither one of them have a special toy they love, so today, after I had had enough, I took away tv time, music and my phone.  Max refused his nap and Claire fell asleep after an hour of going back and forth.

Another twin mom suggested putting a gate up at their door so they couldn't get out of their room during naps and bed time.  They dislike it very much.  So much that they decided to turn nap into play time and throw all of their clothes out of the hamper into the hall.  This was the point I took away privileges.  I didn't think I would be telling my two year olds, "no tv, no music or no phone" - isn't that for the teenage years?!

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