Sunday, September 22, 2013

OK to Wake!

I did it... I finally bit the bullet.  I was in Barnes and Nobles and happen to come across, OK to Wake!  I have been contemplating buying this for a while.  I am so over 5:30 wake up times, no naps and going to bed way too late.  I first saw it on Amazon and read all the great reviews!   Barnes and Nobles was the first store I have seen it in, so I took it as a sign!!

Our first night went ok.  We explained that they had to stay in their bed until their new clock turned green.  They seemed to be on board...that is until Claire decided to sleep in Max's room.  Max actually stayed in bed until the set time and was able to see it turn green!  Although it's still early, we set wake up time for 6:30.  I'm hoping to move it up a few minutes every few days.

Crossing our fingers and toes this works!  The Fredrick 4 need their sleep!

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  1. Okay, I keep meaning to go back and comment to find out how it's going - and I keep forgetting!! Did it work? I could use this with Connor, but I need an opinion of someone who has used it. Is it helping?