Sunday, September 15, 2013


I've said it before, Claire is a mini me.  She watches and listens to everything I do.  Unfortunately, that means the bad as well.  The other day I heard her say, "damnit".  Not only did she say it, she used it in the right context.  Oh my!  I'm not proud of it and I try really hard not to use cuss words around them.  Today my mom brought them to watch me play tennis and she said it again.  I was so embarrassed.

So.... what do I do?  I try not to make a big deal, but it is.  It has stuck.  I don't want to bring more attention to the word, but I also don't want her going around school (or anywhere) saying that.  If I hear her say it, I try to say, "you mean, oh man" or "oops".

In other news, these two munchkins have been doing so great with potty training.  Claire has been completely accident free for the past three days, only wearing a diaper for nap and bedtime.  She is good at telling me she has to go when we are out as well.  Max has been doing great at home.  I have only taken him in underpants to my mom's house and he has been dry!  They are also good at reminding me they get a special treat when they go!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by & saying hello! Your twins are precious! Oh and we went through the whole "damnit" thing too with Ryan. Yikes :( Now he's finally old enough to understand not to say it & knows he will get in trouble but I'm still scared it's going to pop out at preschool or something. And I feel more than a little terrible to punish him for something he learned from his momma :(